The group will touch people's hearts twice, once through the ears, and once again through the eyes. - JYP


TWICE are popular, saying that would be a gross understatement. From holding concerts that sell out in minutes to the sheer amount of Album Sales that even surpass most Boy-Groups, having one of the most gender balanced fans to the count of views in their YouTube uploads, All this and being one of the most awarded groups of all time proves they're not only famous artists, it also solidifies their presence in the music industry as one of the most successful and accomplished acts ever of this decade.



Concert Attendees


Album Sales

5Bn +

YouTube Views

The Journey

"TWICE have come a long way ,from performing for bunch of school students after survival show sixteen to holding the dome tour concert with thousands of tickets sold out in minutes, they have made this journey with ONCE and we with our Teudoongies. A journey full of challenges, hard work, perseverance, smile, tears, and most importantly togetherness."
With wide recognition and popularity in the general public, as well as a big fan base that has resulted to consecutive hit singles, Twice has been dubbed as the "Nation's Girl Group" and "Top-trend Girl Group".The group was also praised for its teamwork with unique charms and individuality among the members. They're "addictive with the repeated and cute killing part" being the highlight.

Quotes by TWICE

I don't know why people purposely look for things they hate and say awful things about it. It's such a waste of time, And time's so precious.

Park Jihyo

One year, two years, even as time passes, no matter what amazing moment I’m in I try not to forget the initial mindset I had at the start.

Minatozaki Sana