1Why are you named TWICE INDIA ?
Well it's pretty self-explanatory, we're the Indian fanbase of the K-Pop sensation TWICE. Hence, TWICE INDIA
2When and how did it all start ?
You can learn more about it in our About Us page.
3Do you operate any WhatsApp Groups ?
Yes, apparently we do and have quite an active community there, but unlike the website or our sns profiles, it is invite only, do drop a message if you wanna be a part of the group.
4When can i have a meetup in my city ?
We try our best to cover as many locations as possible, but as of now we're shorthanded,which makes us limited to metro cities to make the event feasible, but if you wanna host one in your area, we'll be happy to help you in any way we can.


1What part do the Indian once community play in this ?
A community's strength is known by the number of active contributors, and as such you play an important role, by helping us increase the no of social media interaction and spread the love of TWICE to others. Which includes but isn't limited to streaming events, birthday events and not to mention meetups.
2How can we buy TWICE Merch and Albums ?
We host multiple orders for both TWICE Albums and Merch, sign up to get an update whenever we host a GO.
3Do you guys have a store where we can buy TWICE Merch and Albums ?
Although not currently available, it is in works and hopefully will be available soon. Keep checking our sns for announcements related to it.
4When will TWICE have a concert in India ?
As of now there's no confirmation for the same, but if the community gets big enough, we might get our very own TWICE Concert. Till then South East Asian countries are our best bet to attend a TWICE concert.

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