Who are we ?

Were a bunch of dedicated ONCE based in India

How it all started

Although India had ONCE who started stanning Twice since SIXTEEN era or the debut era, it took year 2017 to make a group of handful of ONCE who got connected.Along with the WhatsApp group, Twitter and Instagram profiles, were created with the least expectation about the number of ONCE in India. Waiting long for our fandom to grow was disappointing but everytime we got connected to ONCE, we felt their zeal and love for Twice.

The main reason why we started the page was that many people in India are not aware of Kpop and those who know Kpop don't know much about TWICE which is the superior group of the century. This, we wanted to provide proper guidance to ONCE about many things they didn't know about Twice and Once. Another reason was that, we wanted to see India in the list of top streaming and top selling countries and this as we got connected to ONCE, we planned for the group orders. It made us happy and we started the Birthday and Anniversary Projects. Stream parties, mass voting, etc were also done. We are thankful to the other fandoms which provided for us ground to connect to the Once who were unaware of our presence while we were looking for Once through SNS.

One important thing our fandom is that even if you see it as Twice India everywhere on SNS, the fanbase is handled by many brains and minds from different parts of country yet united to spread a strong Candy Wave.

Our 9 Goals

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. - John Lennon

1. To always support Twice forever and ever.
2. To make Twice feel special through the activities and fanarts.
3. To reach to Indian Jelly Once and expand the fandom.
4. To provide Indian ONCE with all the needed information about Twice.
5. To help Once to get access to buy albums, merchandice and concert tickets.
6. To conduct as many events as we can and make the fandom more like a family or group of intimate friends.
7. To make Twice & Once enjoy with no regrets because we are One in a Million.
8. To give talented Once a platform to exhibit their skills of fanarts and aesthetics.
9. To have a Twice concert in India.

  • May 2017 Our first official Twitter Account

  • July 2017 The start of the WhatsApp notifications

  • Jan 2018 Our first Instagram post

  • March 2019 Mina Day project

    All fans across India wrote their heartfelt messages to Mina on her Birthday on Twice x Once India Whatsapp group.
  • April 2019 Chaeyoung Day Project

    Many once took efforts and drew Chaeyoung's sketch to express their love for her on her Birthday.
  • May 2019 Dahyun Day Project

    A kind gesture on Dahyun's Birthday towards our fellow Indian brothers who suffered losses due to fani cyclone in Odisha. Many onces actively participated in the fund collection for CM relief fund who did the needful for the recovery of the damage.
  • June 2019 Tzuyu Day Project

    A collage made up of pics from different ONCE who live in a different cities spread across massive 6100 km dist. (N to S, E to W).
  • Oct 2019 TWICE 4 Year Anniversary Event

    ONCE from different part of the country submitted both a Video message as well as a letter in their regional language,showcasing not only their love for TWICE but also the diversity of the country.
  • Dec 2019 Sana Day Project

    Indian Onces from different part of the country brought a pic with a cake with invidiual letters, making up the sentence HDB Sana.
  • Jan 2020 Australia Bush Fire Project

    We promised fans irrespective of the fandom for every vote for TWICE and we will donate 25 rupees to Australian bush fire relief fund and it was a bigger success than we had planned.
  • March 2020 Mina Day Dalgona Coffee Project

    This project idea was originated with reference to making this coffee in a VLive stream where she along with other members were live for about 2 hours and she recommend the coffee to ONCE.


Connect to the ONCE and spread candy wave Twice.

Twice Maharashtra came into existence as we planned to connect to the ONCE on the state level. Maharashtra is indeed the most active state platform for K-POP in India. And thus, we started our journey with a handful of ONCE as followers. The goal was set to connect to as many ONCE from Maharashtra as we can and have a bigger connected community.

On 7th July we organised our first fan meet, and to our luck it was a huge success. Things started to heat up when we started Twitter page on 11th July, 2019. Later on we teamed up with other partners and carried out as many projects and events as we can with full enthusiasm & without any regret.


Bring fans together and create an environment where we can cheer and celebrate for TWICE.

TWICE DELHI was formed under the regional group of KCCI fanclubs, although the group was formed way before, it was 2nd October 2019 when TWICE DELHI Instagram page was created and then we connected with TWICE INDIA to grow the JELLY community. Very soon we got the boost and planned the event of TWICEs 4th Debut Anniversary and it was a wholesome experience and fun get together, we are forever thankful to all the cheerful ONCEs who attended the event..

We hope to connect with many more ONCEs who are interested in Twice and would like to work together to build a fanbase, so we can come together and celebrate the achievements of TWICE and contribute to our fullest.



Mizoram might likely be one of the first state that was hit by the Hallyu wave in early 2000s. Therefore, without a doubt, as soon as Twice debuted, a small dedicated group of fans were able to immediately connected through various sns and then merged together to form a WhatsApp groupchat on the 15th of November 2015, only a month after the girl's debut.

TWICE MIZORAM Instagram page was also formed on 27th July, 2017, which was created to connect with ONCEs throughout the state and work with other K-POP communities. As for the future, We plan on connecting with other fandoms, helping them and hosting bigger events and to spread our love for K-POP and TWICE.